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Dr. Parastoo Rashidian, received her Doctor of Chiropractic diplomat and Master of Sciences in Clinical Neurosciences degree from Parker University in Dallas,TX. She is working with her husband, Dr. Reza Shahhosseini who is also a chiropractor in their office which is located in the beautiful city of Santa Monica, California. They provide highest quality of services and treating patients with acute and chronic conditions that include musculoskeletal issues, neck, back pain, sciatica pain, arthritis, headaches, disc related issues, joint pain, and extremities. Dr. Pary is also certified in the Activator technique which is a low force technique for acute pain patients and special conditions to give time to slowly gain tolerance and/or getting an adjustment that will be beneficial and safe for such conditions.The wellness care not only ends here, they also provide weight loss programs and consulting to help reduce stress in your day to day lives. They give their patients the utmost respect and exceptional care is taken to recover faster and able to enjoy life to the fullest.


Dr. Reza Shahhosseini is a licensed board-certified Chiropractor serving the Santa Monica, Los Angeles community. He treats and welcomes patients of all ages including young children, athletes, working professionals, geriatric population, etc.  Dr. Reza is committed to promoting optimal health and well-being of patients through active treatment plans and agenda for good prognosis. Dr. Reza has also been a medical physician in the health industry with over 14 years of experience in Iran, therefore having knowledge and experience of medicine is beneficial.  He has received great experience in chiropractic education and training in Parker University in Dallas, Texas.  In addition, he also earned Master of Science in clinical neuroscience from Parker University.  Dr. Reza uses a method of diagnosis and treatment called Applied Kinesiology (AK)/ manual muscle testing (strength and weakness) that assess structural stress, chemical stress and emotional stress aspects of health combined with other standard methods of diagnosis. Many other therapies are also provided to promote healing besides manual adjustments that include Activator technique, traction table, etc.  Dr. Reza can help you to accelerate and/or maintain your journey to good health with the best chiropractic care.

Come visit us at our office where the ambiance will provide a sense of tranquility and wellness in addition to quality services will promote healthier quality of life at every step.

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